Project Week ‘East Africa’

Ewaka Deutschland e.V. has set out to work on promoting the intercultural exchange between East Africa and Germany. To achieve this goal, we have developed a school project where pupils get to know the culture and living conditions and deal with topics such as poverty, social injustice and racism over the course of different workshops. ​

In dance, drum and craft workshops, Ugandan dancers and artists encourage the pupils to explore their own creativity and sense of rhythm. Preparing a traditional dish gives them a glimpse into the East African cuisine. Over the course of the project week, all partaking classes participate in the workshops several times, which gives them the chance to get to know the culture of East Africa a little more in-depth.

The project week ends with a big performance, where the pupils get to show choreographies they have learned in the workshops. Family and friends are very welcome to attend this event. The project week’s proceeds go directly to our children’s home in Uganda, enabling us to provide more children with a safe home and education opportunities. With the school project, our organization aspires to effectively support the project in Uganda, while also bringing German pupils in contact with a culture and traditions foreign to most of them.