Our Vision & Goals

​‘Ewaka: Deutsche Kinder- und Jugendförderung für Uganda’ (‘German Children and Youth Support for Uganda’) is an association aiming for social change and sustainable development through education, sports, dance, music and art. The association works hand in hand with its partner organization EWAKA Foundation in Uganda. Both associations advocate for health promotion, meaningful recreational activities as well as an improvement of the general quality of life. Furthermore, they fulfill important educational and social tasks.

The project has dedicated itself to the endeavor of taking in homeless children and children from impoverished areas and offering them optimal support, enabling them to break the cycle of poverty. Children who in many cases have suffered neglect and abuse are provided with love, protection and a place to call their home. Creating a home is not the project’s only focus, though; it is also a place of education, thus giving the children the chance to look into a brighter future full of possibilities.

Our goal is to provide the children and teenagers with not only a general education but also the opportunity to gain their first professional experience. To accomplish this goal, we plan on creating further local training opportunities in the future, such as a sewing room and a carpentry workshop, in addition to the recently established computer school.


Furthermore, we intend to teach the children a sense of self-sufficiency. That is why we have built a chicken farm as well as a fruit and vegetable plantation on our property in Jinja. This presents a great and reliable food source the kids and teens can help maintain themselves.