Our Children’s Home

With the help of kind donations, we were able to purchase a big property in Jinja, located near the Nile, in 2015. The empty space was used to build a new children’s home, which was also envisioned as an educational institution. At the present time, the main building consists of the children’s rooms, a big living area, a storage room and a newly furnished study room, which hosts a small library as well as crafting material, educational games and laptops used for computer classes. Many volunteers have helped decorate our home, painted the children’s rooms and living area using vivid colors, built soccer goals, installed showers and took on a multitude of other tasks to make sure the children feel comfortable and have a beautiful home

Currently, 25 children and teenagers aged 2-19 live in our children’s home, as well as two mothers taking care of the children. Each of the children has lived through traumatic events, suffered neglect and abuse, some of them lived on the street. Here, we offer them a safe place to call their home, remote from poverty and daily survival strategies. We provide them with food, clothes, hygiene products and medicine. Moreover, any child placed in our care receives a medical checkup and important vaccinations.


The kids and teens attend local elementary and secondary schools or do apprenticeships. Besides this focus on school and vocational education, Ewaka places a lot of importance on supporting the children’s creativity through sports, dance and music. This task is taken on by the volunteers. They play soccer with the children, go swimming with them, do coordination training and organize dance lessons. Furthermore, they help the children with their homework, offer computer classes, do arts and crafts and play games with them.


The children benefit from our project by receiving holistic support that will enable them to live independent lives. It is our wish and goal to provide them with an overall brighter future.