EWAKA Deutschland e.V. (Registered NGO in Germany) has successfully worked with Africa Immigration Advisory Services for many years now. Hand in Hand we provide professional assistance in all matters concerning Immigration Services.. 


Who We Are

AFIAS is Uganda’s leading NGO and immigration consultancy firm, focusing on visa applications, Company and NGO applications, Investment consultancy, among other related immigration services. Our diverse and richly professional team from Uganda and Germany provides clients with a wide experience and a distinguished success in all immigration and NGO registration services.


Investment, immigration and NGO support services in Uganda made easy.


To be a reputable, reliable and leading consultancy firm in Immigration, Investments and NGO support services in Uganda


  1. Provision of legal and expert services in immigration ranging from work permits, student and dependent passes, dual citizenship and visa applications, among other resettlement services.

  2. Provision of legal and technical expert support services to investors seeking to identify investment opportunities and establishing themselves in Uganda.

  3. Supporting NGOs and Companies in Uganda, helping them legalize operations, and providing expert workable solutions that ensure their sustainability in Uganda.


We understand that in the context of any person’s relocation to Uganda, a successful application for an appropriate residence visa or permit is critical. Securing a visa or permit is a pre-requisite for any foreigner’s legal settlement in Uganda, this can be a frustrating and very disturbing process, and that’s why we are here to help.

We approach our work and deliver our services to you with a personal and professional dedication. Our team has been in the game for quite a long time now, and we can comfortably and confidently state that your legal needs become our personal responsibility.

Throughout the entire process, we ensure that an application is followed diligently to avoid unnecessary delays. We ensure that legally mandated authorities are approached in the appropriate manner and that applicable legislation as well as relevant amendments to it are thoroughly understood in order to ensure the final success of the application process.

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